LibreOffice 6 Now Available

#books #bookcovers #premadecovers #selfpublish #selfpublisher #selfpublishing #author #indieauthor #inspiration #writing #creativewriting LibreOffice 6+ is now available for Windows, OSX and Linux. There is also a cloud edition, though we do not recommend the use of any cloud-based office suite. You can install it without complicatoin in any system with another office suite, so give it … Continue reading LibreOffice 6 Now Available

Get [Rid of] Chromium

Another update to Chromium (not Chrome) web browser caused a final shift in our recommendations for this FOSS (Free Open Source Software). For a long while, Chromium has lacked a critical feature found in other FOSS browsers, such as Firefox and the Tor Browser (built on the code for Firefox). Chromium does not use a … Continue reading Get [Rid of] Chromium