The Maze into Privacy Paradise (Q&A)

Q: With so many privacy extensions for browsers, it’s all too confusing. Even in the NDAS “Resources: Internet” section, should I use Ghostery or AdBlock? They both seem to do the same thing. A: We empathize with you. Internet privacy (security) has become a horror tale, like trying to find and recover treasure in a … Continue reading The Maze into Privacy Paradise (Q&A)

Search or be Searched?

We will keep this brief. The following web search engines have been mentioned multiple times in various NDAS updates and articles. If you are using any other, then you are being tracked one way or another. And that is in addition to other privacy security issues as well. Learn more about the only two search … Continue reading Search or be Searched?

Resources: Internet: Privacy Badger

Most ad / tracking defense extensions for web browsers (and other web-enable applications) depend upon external subscriptions for identified malicious code… such as trackers. This includes ones we recommend(ed) in “Resources: Internet.” Time for something better! Though Privacy Badger is still in “beta,” NDAS staff have tested it in both Chromium and Firefox. We encountered … Continue reading Resources: Internet: Privacy Badger