PRESS RELEASE: Sheet Music Notebooks

First in our specialty formats for some series of blank books is our "Music 150 Sheet" format for the Music notebooks. 150 pages with 7 stanzas on each page in 60 percent gray lines. Use them for composing or prose as you see fit. Only a limited number of cover designs in the Music series … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: Sheet Music Notebooks


Continuing our expansion of genre-based blank volumes—for authors or others, as presents for yourself or someone else—we present you our next entry ready in 3 formats: ROMANCE! 50 unique cover designs in our standard 365 Day Journal/Diary and 150 page lined Notebook, both in trade paperback size with blank table of contents and fully numbered … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: “Romance”

PRESS RELEASE: Patterns and Materials

Sometimes you just want something attractive and interesting but not content specific. Other times something more curiously stylish and contemporary. We have both in our multiple blank journal series… NDAS 365 Blank Journals Our newest two releases in our multi-series line of blank books for any need are “Patterns” and “Materials.&#8221 These have broader and … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: Patterns and Materials