Q&A: NDAS “Bookshop”

#freebooks, #ebooks, #indieauthor, #selfpublish, #selfpublishing A few questions came in over the last moon or two. We waited to pick some of more general interest. Along the way, we also made changes to the “Bookshop.” Have a quick read and then take advantage of what else we now offer at the end. Q: With so … Continue reading Q&A: NDAS “Bookshop”

The Maze into Privacy Paradise (Q&A)

Q: With so many privacy extensions for browsers, it’s all too confusing. Even in the NDAS “Resources: Internet” section, should I use Ghostery or AdBlock? They both seem to do the same thing. A: We empathize with you. Internet privacy (security) has become a horror tale, like trying to find and recover treasure in a … Continue reading The Maze into Privacy Paradise (Q&A)