LibreOffice 6 Now Available

#books #bookcovers #premadecovers #selfpublish #selfpublisher #selfpublishing #author #indieauthor #inspiration #writing #creativewriting LibreOffice 6+ is now available for Windows, OSX and Linux. There is also a cloud edition, though we do not recommend the use of any cloud-based office suite. You can install it without complicatoin in any system with another office suite, so give it … Continue reading LibreOffice 6 Now Available

FireFox Gone – get WaterFox Instead!

For the longest time, Mozilla Firefox has [seemed] our great defender — but no more. With the newest version, Mozilla has added extensive telemetry and tracking code like never before. And it has also attempted to dictate which plugins — and search engine — it will let you use. Time to dose that fire with … Continue reading FireFox Gone – get WaterFox Instead!

Google Plus Mozilla – Whether You Want It or Not (updated)

[UPDATE (SLIGHTLY) 2017-12-05] The latest edition of Mozilla's FireFox browser is now pre-rigged to aggressively force the use of the Google search engine by default. This is nothing new, though it may be to you, and now it is getting worse. For a history lesson about this relationship and what most people don't know, see … Continue reading Google Plus Mozilla – Whether You Want It or Not (updated)

Wolfram Alpha – The ‘Data’ Search Engine

Finding that obscure bit of (accurate) data for non-fiction or even fiction can be a bit difficult these days. Especially if you need accuracy vs. hearsay. The following was unknown to even us until recently. Drop by over morning coffee or tea for a quick peek.Maybe you don't need it for your current work in … Continue reading Wolfram Alpha – The ‘Data’ Search Engine