What’s in a Word?

By that we refer to passwords. There are so many for most of us in our lives online, whether for social networks or logging into banks, work, school, etc. Did you know that some of those conveniently integrated password saving features in your browser and other applications are not your friends? Their integration into what … Continue reading What’s in a Word?

The Maze into Privacy Paradise (Q&A)

Q: With so many privacy extensions for browsers, it’s all too confusing. Even in the NDAS “Resources: Internet” section, should I use Ghostery or AdBlock? They both seem to do the same thing. A: We empathize with you. Internet privacy (security) has become a horror tale, like trying to find and recover treasure in a … Continue reading The Maze into Privacy Paradise (Q&A)

Cover Your Ass(ets), Part 4: Make It Permanent

#authors, #manuscripts, #books, #ebooks, #novels Time for the final step in protecting your assets. This one is not just protection against loss of work but is a permanent record of work completed until it is copyrighted, usually through publication. If you are under contract with a professional publisher (not “press”), this is likely covered by … Continue reading Cover Your Ass(ets), Part 4: Make It Permanent