Self-Publishing – The Five Phases (Part 2)

Phase 3: Layout Continuing from Part 1, by now you have content finalized in manuscript format and ready for layout (print and/or ebook).Yes, creating an ebook is about layout, regardless that the target format is dynamic instead of static print.If you intend to release both then have print created first. All quality layout applications can … Continue reading Self-Publishing – The Five Phases (Part 2)

Self-Publishing – The Five Phases (Part 1)

In self-publishing your book, do so like a professional author operating without a publisher and agent. Do not fall prey to nonsense echoed inside the self-publishing community at large. Quality (not quantity) marks a true professional in any industry.Rushing a book to market is the first and greatest mistake. This separates a “self-publisher” (99.99%) from … Continue reading Self-Publishing – The Five Phases (Part 1)