Home Again…

NDAS has returned to its original location. To follow our ongoing work and news, please visit us directly at http://www.ndauthorservices.com. Current NDAS news is no longer available through this (sub)domain/site.

Ch-Ch-Changes… Again

This will be our final notice on the WordPress system. Once the 60 day lock on our domain name has run-out, we will be re-routing our domain to its original location. Until then... Original Site Please see our original site still available at https://­nd­author­services­.blogspot­.com/ until the main domain name reverts to that location.

PRESS RELEASE: Autumn Awe Blank Books for the Season

While we are already halfway into Fall, there's something here for seasonal and or holiday use. Get into the spirit before the holidays roll in... 45+ unique cover designs in 3 formats: 365 Day Journal/Diary, 150 pg. lined Notebook, and 150 pg. Grid Notebook. All trade paperback sized, with blank table of contents and fully … Continue reading PRESS RELEASE: Autumn Awe Blank Books for the Season